Friday, December 01, 2006

Old news

Interesting development on (ZOLT) - was it a decision to halt trading or the negative outcome was priced in (ZOLT) is back to where it was before yesterday's intraday runup, I guess expectation of that bad news was holding the stock down, I'll wait till Tuesday and might even buy (ZOLT) for longer than just a day trade.

Did not trade today in accordance with my silly self indulging rule "After big hit (up or down) take a break" and since yesterday's trades in (AVGN) and (ZOLT) pushed portfolio value up 8% - I was doing nothing, absolutely nothing today.

Forced miself to look at some ideas which I present below

One more thing - don't get trapped tomorrow morning on initial market pop, I think it'll be down the hill since 10:30AM continuing into Monday.