Sunday, December 10, 2006

"Do I want to have this position?"

Finding the answer to this question has become more difficult last week, I've been having "uneasy" feeling about continuation of market uptrend, a lot of fellow bloggers dedicated a lot of posts to that subject, I will not be talking about technical indicators, indexes, sentiments - use links on the right side of the page ( These are the market blogs I read )
I think I found my answer and it's been formulated when I was writing "Breakout Play" post.
My answer - breakouts don't work as good as I'd expect, I've seen way too many false or short lived breakouts lately. What does it mean? One thing for certain - market is nervous, market lost leadership once again ( Look at (AAPL), (ADBE), (MOT), (RIMM) - they've been straggling last few days to hold the ground)
Will market go down? I hope market will hold till Christmas, and then it'll go down.
Correction? Bear market?
I don't know - what I do know, I'm prepared for action if under attack - in Marines they say: "If under attack, don't freeze, do something, retreat is an action too" ( No, I was not in the Marines, not in this country at least )