Monday, July 05, 2010

You Can't Make This Up

I hope everyone had a nice holiday away from trading, but we're about to enter a month of more fun and games starting tomorrow morning. Personally, I'm looking for quite a bit of volatility for the remainder of the month and into the mid portion of August, but we'll see what the clowns have in their bag of tricks.

Two items of interest looking ahead- there will be no FOMC this month, and OPEX is on July 16th, so plan accordingly. Just some quick charts, and I also plotted for a Plan B bullish bounce should that unfold tomorrow or the next several days.  Stay nimble and trade safe.  Just as the theme of 2009 was “don’t try to pick a top,” 2010 might very well be a theme of don’t try to pick a bottom.  Good trading to us all this week! 


djx_fork_7_5 ndx_fork_6_5
rut_fork_7_5 spx_fork_7_5
spy_abcd_7_5 spy_gartley_for_6_7
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