Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anywhere You Go

There's another Tuesday for the record books. Can we expect any less from OPEX week? By the way guys- I'd be sitting on a bucket with you over there too, but I couldn't find a picture with a girl in it. ;-) Either that, or she already ran for the hills when she saw this rally today. Meanwhile, our scalping novice, Mr. Big is taking a prudent approach and we're proud of you, Big!

First of all, congrats to our TTWrs who have traded this long and protected themselves along the way. Well done traders! You're thinking like the crooks and trading what you see. That's the way the job gets done.  The rest of us just need to be patient and prudent at this point, and above all else.. beeeeeeeeeeeeee careful!

qs_eod_7_12 spy_eod_7_13
vix_eod_7_13 nymo_eod_7_13


Good trading to one and all tomorrow! Be careful and don’t get your lips ripped off or SOH while the dust settles.  Here’s a song dedicated to our current TTW bears.  :-)  This seems to have been the theme of the EOD conversation.


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