Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Waiting

<--------- This is going to be somebody tomorrow, but knowing who it's going to be is what we wait for until that bell rings at 9:30 AM. No need to remind you we have GDP announced tomorrow at 8:30 AM, followed by Chicago PMI at 9:45 and Consumer Sentiment at 9:55.

Before I put up some charts I’d just like to thank everybody for a really good week in TTW. Without being too confident, we’ve had our traders do pretty darn good so far, and hopefully we’ll all navigate well into the weekend. Stay alert, whatever you do, and if you happen to catch something please post so we can all stay on task together. I know there are probably some lurkers out there who hang with us every day, please feel free to jump in whenever you’re ready- we won’t bite. (mostly) :-) GG even has his rabies shots up to date.

For you regulars: no changing your avatars for awhile or I’ll send you to avatar jail. We don’t take this offense lightly around these parts. Let’s see what the bears have in their favor because no use stating the obvious- the bulls have the Fed, the HFTs and all the money and liars handbook :-) The bears might just have Cato hiding in the closet. For those tracking the astro stuff- at 9:31 AM tomorrow morning is Mars oppose Uranus. The Mars aspects were apparently a favorite of W.D. Gann for trigger points, so just a little background why it might be good to watch that calendar I shared about a week ago. We have several more Mars events coming up over the weekend and into next week. Just remember though, dead cat bounces can come quickly and out of nowhere, so be on your toes. Also keep in mind this Cardinal Climax is a process, not an event. Everything leading up to it and after is also important.

spy_eod_7_29 iwm_eod_7_29
qs_1_eod_7_29 qs_2_eod_7_29
nysi_eod_1_7_29 nyad_eod_7_29
gann_eod_7_30 Gann wheel, date only. We could see an interesting alignment happen tomorrow. wallfly 7 29 Wallfly’s DeMark Chart
(thank you as always, Wall. :-) )

Last but definitely not least - NYMO


Have fun trading tomorrow. See you then!

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