Sunday, August 30, 2009

What is next for SPX?

First – quick memory trip (as many ADD affected people I keep numerous “notes” all over the places –that is easy, what is difficult – to remember where I put my notes and look at them from time to time)

June 21st 2009 – about time when every bear in blogosphere was entertaining the idea of “head and shoulder” and CNBC helped to lure novice traders even deeper into abyss of biased losses.

Daviddt Qqqq Spx Ung 062109


July 6th

S&P500 roadblocks

Now…August 30th 2009

I am not quite in Mole's / Fujisan’s and Prechter's camp of "this is as high as it gets" (may be just because I have no clue what is that “P3” they keep talking about is), but, again - correction is around the corner. As for best short plays beside SPY puts - I think anything that depends on weaker dollar would be the best short - tech, commodities, multinational, mining equipment - I expect dollar to go up strongly. (as a "nonsense" long commodity play on stronger dollar - I think natural gas might just go up)

Without further due I’d like to introduce my newest extremely expensive state of the art charting package (which beats Bloomberg, CQG, ThinkOrSwim, NinjaTrader etc hands down)  and to demonstrate 2 distinct possibilities I am entertaining at the moment (things change…”yo now”).

(In any case I intend either CLOSE ALL MY PUTS around 980 and reload on next move up…or at least keep those on a very short leash)