Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Worden TeleChart / StockFinder Sale Event

You don't see me running lots of commercials here, but today you may say whatever you want because I will - today.




Worden TeleChart / StockFinder Running Sale Event magnitude of which I cannot recall for the last 4 years (Not once in the lifetime chance, but still once in a LONG time chance for those who understand that StockFinder is THE BEST STOCK MARKET SCANNING / Charting software bar none)

Platinum Service is $53 per month instead of regular $89.99 (don't you all love those "0.99"s? Only in America people are suspected of idiocy before proven otherwise) - that is right - you get PLATUNUM Full Intraday Data Service for the price comparable with Regular End of Day Gold Service!


If you are not able to find this offer online - calls 1-800-776-4940 and tells them that

DavidDT sent you (mention affiliate ID 638

and I will give you 1 month of FREE ACCESS to Contributors Site  with intraday updates, indicators library and almost daily market videos )

Promotion ends May 18th