Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tom DeMark Indicators Explained

There are very few resources available for traders who are interested in utilizing DeMark indicators.
Original Tom DeMark's books
The New Science of Technical Analysis (Wiley Finance)
New Market Timing Techniques: Innovative Studies in Market Rhythm & Price Exhaustion
are not an "easy read" and newly published Jason Pearl's book in spite of being detailed - is, sometimes, slightly confusing in some respects.
DeMark Indicators (Bloomberg Market Essentials: Technical Analysis)
I've been using DeMark indicators for many years now and over the course of running blog I have received number of questions such as "what, how, when" in respect to these indicators.
I spent a lot of time answering individual questions and I've come to the point when it has gotten slightly boring, too time consuming and unproductive to say the least.  So I decided to start a series of posts and educational videos.