Sunday, May 17, 2009

Introducing "The Discretionary Trader"

While I am on my "Birthday break" and totally away from the stock market ...damn.. /ES is down 2points... while I am not paying any attention to overseas market ... what's up with EUR - why is it down slightly ... so, while I am totally relaxed... and thinking "wine"...

Oh, the good old wine - we can enjoy it for a long time, but sooner or later we getting slightly bored with the very same backbone, slight bitterness punching our tongs and even knowing that there is nothing, but good about this wine - we want something slightly different ...may be at least once in a while ...NO, I am not alluding to family life - what the hell are you thinking?

Without further due I'd like to introduce new feature of

"The Discretionary Trader"

New posts will appear on Sundays around  7-10PM EST and entire column will be written by guest writer "Hobbes"

Those of you who are regulars in the Trading Chat Room know Hobbes888, his ways of trading and expressing himself, but not many know WHO Hobbes really is - here is a little more information:

Hobbes cut his teeth on the FX trading desks of two major financial institutions, both of which are still barely with us, twenty eight years ago. Four years later you could find him at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he specialized in trading FX, Equity Indices, and Eurodollars. With the advent of electronic trading, he left the floor and the yelling behind in 2005 to trade behind a screen, where from 7am to 4pm he watches and waits, not always with patience, for a few good trades.

I will not be wasting your time anymore - the very first article is up on the site - read it and judge for yourselves if you will be checking this column every Sunday night (content of this column will NOT be emailed, but I'll do my best to notify readers when next post will be up or ...just remember - Sunday's nights)


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