Sunday, September 30, 2007

Market thoughts and ideas for upcoming week

Semis - in spite of widely publicized upcoming upside breakout of semis, I don't think semis indexes/ETFs look healthy at all - I might be looking at some short ideas among those.

Israel Stocks - look very attractive on a long side, I'll be putting together long watch list.

Real Estate is in "advance/consolidation phase" - looking forward as how it'll play out, bear sentiment is so extreme that I will not be surprised that right in the midst of carnage we will see major bullish advance - long or short lived - time will tell.
As of now rather than playing with individual stocks I'll be looking at going short SRS UltraShort ETF. (Do NOT confuse it with HomeBuilders - bottom is yet to be seen there )

Russel2000 and MicroCap stocks shaking off selling pressure and deceitfully painting "move up" picture - I doubt it will happen, not just yet.

S&P500 is about to break out of short term consolidation, move higher short term.

Oil...Oil.. what about OIL? I think it is in the very final stage of advance, does not matter that "winter is coming" - I think OIL IS done...

Energy - ready for at least pullback

Financial - don't try to pick the bottom there - disease is still there, shots did not treat it.

Water utilities are about to take a beating?

Some swing trading ideas I'll be looking at:
Long:(SBS), (ACI), (PNCL), (UCTT), (VNUS), (ZOLT), (PRKR), (QLGC), (RADS), (SAI)*, (SCUR), (SHFL), (SPIL), (TASR), (TIE), (TXN), (KMGB), (LPNT), (MENT), (MPEL), (NHWK), (OLN), (OXPS), (FIG), (FOXH), (GLW), (GSIC), (HLF), (HLX)*, (HNSN), (IDSY), (JASO)?, (AKAM), (CLWR), (CNX), (CRDN), (CUTR), (CYCL), (DIGT), (DSTI), (EVVV)

Short: (BRS),(ETW). (ANR) ?, (VRGY), (VLO), (PTIE), (RVBD), (SA), (SGMO) ?, (SOHU), (SWIR), (MFW), (NOC), (NSTK), (NVTL), (HALO), (BPHX) - risky one, shorting a top?, (BWTR), (CELL)?, (ELON)

These ideas are been generated from over 1000 stocks on my watchlists, a lot of time has been spent - your donations are greatly appreciated.

Don't you think that chart is pretty? Pretty LONG?