Thursday, September 27, 2007

(CBAK) trade

Quoted from TagBoard located on the left side of the page and serving as the scratch pad area for timely ideas:
25/09/2007 14:02:48
GM all it is Tuesday 8:00AM keep your eye on (CBAK)"

( for some reason timestamp is reflecting Spain's time and multiple requests to "TagBoard Guy" to fix that issue are been left unanswered, so that "14:02AM in reality is 14 - 6 and it is "10:02AM Sep 25th" )

That is was/is the trade we all waiting for, at the time of the TagBoard hint price was $4.40, today, Sep 27th opening we are looking at about $8 open - that is almost double so far. I unloaded 1/2 position yesterday - let see how it'll develop. Chinese stocks are still in play, (CHL) is up another 6%.