Thursday, April 26, 2007

There is a shortage of stocks!

"Common sense is not so common"

You heard it "second" here
First you heard it ( if you watch that ... - I wish I could be polite and say "box of moonlight" or if you waste your time and make Cramer money by staying tuned ).

That IS classic, I've heard it SO many times before, there is no need to be knowledgeable technician or "fundamentalist".

There should be just some common sense left: "Shortage of stocks"

I am a big fan of history, let me rephrase : "there is a shortage of tulip bulbs", this is as classic as it gets - I am really having fun now.

Listen up - take you profits from long positions by the end of today, create huge lists of "shorts", don't you short it yet - hysteria never end easy, but does so suddenly, leaving you no time to react if you are not professional 24/7 trader, look for another 100-200 points on a DOW - and desert "long camp".