Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Midas touch" or Tax Season?

Tough choice? Easy choice?
Guess what I would be doing if it was up to me?
At least most of processing for Schedule D is handled by Quicken+TurboTax, but human eye still has a lot "catching up" to do...

Today was a first day I touched the keyboard after "away from market A.K.A. vacation time". Wasted most of last 2 weeks flying around, visiting friends I grew up with.

Did 4 trades today, all long, all at 12 noon - just did it and went out to eat.
Shopped around for new laptop - my old one is saying final goodbye - I respect seniority, but not expressed in clicking hard drive and hazy LCD screen.

So, 4 long positions opened today are:
(CYCL) <= scared to death :) - earnings tomorrow, not my style really

Since I'll be kind of tied up doing taxes next few days ( at least few days )
here some LONG ideas for the time being:
(ESST) - complement of Sinsecato from TradeGuild TagBoard
(ICOC) - above 6.24
(INO) above 3.48
(LCRD) above 13.53
(LIPD) - now - speculative, really
(TSEM) - small position longer term

I hope I will have some money left after taxes for trading :_)))

Oh, one more thing - subscription for Members Services at discount price of $30 per month is closed for April 2007,
better luck for May (at regular $50 per month price ) to those who hesitated.