Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Support this site - if you like it

This site is totally free ( excluding additional Members Services with precise trading strategies for each stock I trade/watch myself).
But, if any of about 300 daily visitors believe that this site deserves to be known to higher number of readers, please, help me spread the word - I personally don't have time to post on YAHOO, Investor Village or Raging Bull boards - this site is onle as "alive" as number of people who think it is helpful.


(BLTI) sell decision proved to be very timely - I feel better now ( I was not 100% positive that sell WAS correct and TIMELY - now I know )

Good luck today.


Anonymous said...

yes, i like what you're doing with the site david... keep up good woek, will mention your site on RB board... for reading all those boards you mention in one place i'm using instantbull, niice all in one viewer