Friday, February 09, 2007

Is "IT" happening?

Sinsecato from TagBoard found interesting post:
"I found it on CSCO's summary page on Yahoo, entitled "Bears Bare Dull Teeth."
In a way it is similar to the picture in Wall Street Journal with title "The Bear is dead"

Stocks go down on good news
It is cold ( What it is got to do with market? I don't know - it is cold!)

Market has been in a very tight trading range - has to be resolved - and for some reason I have a feeling that today's action is a very beginning of this "resolution" and the road is DOWN.

As I type all my current long positions are getting closed - if I am wrong - I can always re-enter or just find other opportunities.

Still hesitant to open short positions - I am no good in catching tops or bottoms.

Cash IS a KING now