Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Public Stocks Picks Performance

(Begin 12-JAN-2007 NOTE)
AS OF 12-JAN-2007 I stopped maintaining this spreadsheet as it turned to be EXTREMELY TIME CONSUMING, point has been illustrated - market has been substantially outperformed.

In less than 3 weeks "Publicly available watch lists" generated over 34% GAIN.

I added 3 more REAL trades I placed in my REAL PORTFOLIO (those trades are been based on publicly available stock lists of last week and are been placed using "TRADE TRIGGERS" at predefined "breakout prices" ( (BHIP), (EVOL), (JADE) )
(End 12-JAN-2007 NOTE)

This is as of 12-JAN-2007 performance of stocks picks PUBLICLY profiled on Trading To Win site.
Stocks profiled on Trading to Win site will be added to the spreadsheet NEXT day at "10:30AM" price.
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