Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Interesting emails I'm getting lately....

"What was your motive when you closed your January 18th long TWW (triggered on January 25th ). You only made 7.5% when you could just hold on into that stock and as of today your profit would be over 17% in 3 more days?"

TWW - bought at 7.36 on Jan 25th, sold on Feb 2nd to protect about 2/3 of profit made.
Lets assume I would hold, then on Feb 6th when in the very morning it touched 7.35 which is already at a loss to fill price of 7.36 - I don't think I would be brave enough to hold on at even money, I would probably ( most likely ) sell to brake even AND would be VERY upset to see it skyrocketing right after I sell two days in a row.
Beside, it could do "CVTX" ( Jan 17th long idea, bought Jan 23rd, sold with -6% loss and after that CVTX proceeded down to -11% loss as of today)

Indeed, I shall agree that only 1 out of 4 "breakout" stocks will move non-stop to higher grounds and 2 out of 4 will descend to pivot point (I call it trigger price for some reason )
But let me ask - what about 1 out of 4 which will just continue to fall until it is too late to sell?

The truth is - there is no universal answer to "when to sell" question.
As long as money is made and losses contained - I am happy...
(one more thing - the real winners never look back after they take off)

P.S. Stocks discussed in this post were profiled on Members Site.