Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Work in progress

Going over a lot of charts now, will post new list later on tonight.
I guess we witnessing another "market switch" A.K.A. - sector rotation.

decision to discard ALL PRIOR stock picks ( not in green, of course) stated in prior post, stands ( I closed some of my long positions this morning ).

(BBBB) 28.5 or 30+
(HLX) 29.5-30.50 stop loss 28 ( sounds interesting if you remember my sarcastic take on HLX insider's buys )
(HYTM) 9.25 stop loss 8.6
(IRBT) 18.3 stop loss 17
(MRVL) 19.5 stop loss 18.7
(RGEN) 2.78 stop loss 2.6 <== 2.6 no questions asked!
(WEL) on breakout of 2.5
(SIMO) and (VOCS) deserve a look as breakout play, but they DID MOVE FURTHER UP than I like to see, might pullback first

As for shorts - I would start shorting ETFs now ( I still think we might see market move to the upside till mid-February )


P.S. Almost forgot - here is a "bonus" long ( for people with strong stomachs )