Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"Motley Fool" is NOT HERE!

Boring day today, 4 day trades, all long:
(MRVL) at last!
(RFMD) - boring
(HLX) - what was I smoking?
(KKD) - decided to hold overnight - something is cooking :)

While watching open positions, went through my old watch lists, found one compiled about a year ago from "Motley Fool" picks - what a shame!
I wonder how much would tthey make if they were getting "paid by performance".
Judge by yourselves, here is a MF list: AQNT, HLX, IART, IDIX, MOSY, PAAS, ROG, SGTL.
Big ... achievement, way to go Fools ( I love to hear "Foolish people" asking: "News is good, market is good, fundamentals are good - why stock performance SUCKS?" )

Oh well, back to more interesting things now...
These lists ARE very "shaky", I would trade each candidate using VERY DIFFERENT strategy, TIMEFRAMES are different, conditions are different!
Detailed instructions of how I would trade these stocks are posted on

Members Site

"bottom feeding" ==> (VIMC) and (CRIS)

short: ( a lot of short candidates!)
"top catching" ==> (TAM)
(INFY) <== curtesy of BullTrapper A.K.A. BT from TradeGuild Investment Blog