Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Don't trade on tips

Not from guru coworkers, not from friendly financial advisor, not from strange people from tagboard :) ( Only on the tips from TradeGuild's Tagboard)

Quoted from tagboard on 16-DEC-2006 8PM:
keep an eye on cnr ( Amex ) likely on the verge of a big oil discovery.

Paul, welcome to tagboard. Paul, I hope (CNR) statement JUST a speculation and not an insider info (which I don't want to know). In either case - this site is NOT dedicated to rumors, but rather to unbiased "technical" stock selection and CNR chart does not look interesting. Beside, even if they WILL SAY that they found oil in "Georgia and the Republic of Kazakhstan" - I would stay as far away from this cos. as possible - I know how business is done in that part of the world"

Price of this tip ( best case scenario )
gain 10% or loss 30%

You decide...