Monday, October 16, 2006

Patience is a virtue

Today's list was one of the most time consuming for the last 6 months and in spite of preaching on a subject of patience I gave up - too many run away overextended stocks, but this is what you get in run away bull market, so I decided to start from most heavily shorted, closest to 52wh issues, warning - now MORE then ever you want to make sure that you will be at the profit at the DAY ONE, don't say: "there is going to be tomorrow", so watch for reasonable entry points ( most of them are really "unreasonable" any way you slice it )

WAIT for PPI to come out, don't trade premarket, let PPI to sink in.

I did not have time to check earnings dates - PLEASE do so!
Unless company is fundamentally solid - don't do earning play, it requires KNOWLEDGE of the company, LOOK EARNINGS UP, PLEASE!

EARNINGS CALENDAR for your convenience

Most stocks on this list are thinly traded - use limit order, don't chase!
All long:
1. these are stocks with the high short interest
TRLG ( if volume will be strong from the very morning )
IIG(if it'll start moving closer to 16)
MNKD (careful with this one)
AIQ ( my past favorite since Sep 6th - made a bundle )
FALC(SMSI for alt play)
SGK ( today was 5x volume with only 0.3% drop - why? something is cooking? otherwise - this is a laggard)

"just longs" :)
2. REDF ( is Cramer curse over? not my favorite, but someone might like it :) ) CHDX(?)
SGEN ( slightly further from the base, but as I said - beggers cannot be choosy, is it bull market so far)
KEYN(unusual volume last 2 days, fundamentally is not the best one, careful) URGI ( close to 52wk, strong volume last few days )
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