Sunday, October 29, 2006

Battle for "blog survival"

Fellow bloggers have noticed that for many months it's been a real pain to publish posts on blogger, constant errors, timeout, thanks God - no lost posts due to "save first publish next" way of how blogger works.

I've been reluctant to switching to blogger beta, but today I took a dive, kept my fingers crossed and switched to beta. So far so good, no lost content, publishing is a breeze, navigation - will get use to it, and what I discovered that due to me been technically challenged I had "unmoderated comments" which I "approved" now and they appeared on corresponding pages.

One of the "lost in space" comments expresssed a wish to know more "reasoning" behind how I select particular stocks. Explaining why I think stock "ABC" will go up or down for every stock I post is a very time consuming task, but I'll be happy to answer questions for the picks you, readers of this blog, will be more interested in, as I said, don't just blindly use info on this blog, before you make a move - you do need to understand my "reasoning" - so ask questions if any of my stock picks seems to be attractive to you.

I will do one more post late tonight and I'll try to narrate what caused me to select latest candidates - IIG and SMSI on Thursday Oct 26th 2006.