Wednesday, July 27, 2011

“Lehman Handshake”



Few days ago while attempting to negotiate ownership of property in Costa Rica I have met and old friend of mine, one of those who you might not see for 10 years, but when you need his help or advise he does it like he saw you just yesterday and you are still his good if not the only friend.

He took a lot of beating and made a lot of money, ( I have never made it to his level - he was in Victor Niederhoffer’s gang before Vic imploded back in Asian Currency crisis times)


So, that son of a bitch, sees me and all of a sudden he grabs my tie and looks on the back of it … damn – was I glad it was Burberry! 

That always reminded me dog sniffing thing or juvenile “mine is bigger” contest, I was never fond of it even back in “ole days”, and was simply shocked that it is still alive and well now.


Well, I guess Wall St is still doing well and may be even this Christmas we will see Bugatti and Ferrari dealers driving to the old spots in downtown… some things never change … until deluded by “I can make it big too” American Peasants will realize that “American Dream” can be seeing only while asleep and may be, just may be, they will wake up from lethargic zombie like “tomorrow might have been a better day” state and will take what was taken from them … no wonder education suck – we don’t want Peasants to think – do we?   And all they have to do is just VOTE crooks OUT! (Not that I believe it might actually work :)



Well, time for me to stop being incredible usual bore and present your with incredible boring chart. (Disclaimer – even though I am inclined to trade on the short side now – I do NOT discount possibility of yet another higher high – in order for monthly to print at least #12 on countdown – then things might get REALLY interesting). So far – patience is a virtue (I’ll be damned – me and “patience”? How did THAT happen???)



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