Monday, July 04, 2011

The end of 4th of July barbeque party

Well, some vicious people still call it “Independence Day”, but that is a true baloney – we depend on everyone everywhere and we are taxed to death without representation – well, I stand corrected – Corporations ARE represented quite well, and Gubermint does not care who and where makes them money … China, Russia, India…what else would you expect if there is not even NATIONAL LANGUAGE!

So let enjoy our hormone infected meat until our stomachs explode from fat – you can only keep Rome happy if you provide:


Although bread is getting quite pricey and quite soon masses will not be able to afford it…watch out then!


Back to charting woo-doo


My prognostication is playing out so far, wave B is raising its ugly head, watch out for 1345 area on SPX – if it reverses there – I will be short “all in” (Brave – not stupid – stops in place always… almost)



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