Monday, June 13, 2011

Flipper, Flipper!!!



Here I go again – started long calls position based on daily counts, will try to keep myself interested until wave C will reveal itself, for now wB…almost impossible to trade, but, again – just enough to keep myself awake



NOW – here is something REALLY interesting…but og a very speculative nature, though those who have been with this blog remember Special K and I speculating that the greatest trick the David… need to learn spelling – I meant DEVIL ever performed was convincing suckers investors…I meant people – that he did not exist.


Not making any sense? Oh…come on! I am talking about wave 4 on weekly going almost ALL THE WAY UP to the high of wave 2 (after which as we all know, “spectacular” and as whores from mass media were shouting on tout TV – totally impossible and, later, unpredictable fallout of BIG KAHUNA WAVE 3 DOWN started…enough already Dave…


Anyhow – those who are in the market for “the long haul” on the long side – watch it carefully – longs will only breath easy if complete wave change…AKA high of wave 2 will be broken…then we just might be in the beginning of the “new great bull market” (no pun intended) after dreadful almost 20 years The Great Bear (and again 0 BEAR is not “only DOWN” - “BEAR” is “RANGE”)



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