Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Cat is out…

Surprisingly a lot of people really believe that FED said somethign new on FOMC Freak Show – all they did say was what was obvious to anyone with IQ out of single digits…to about 27,489 of Average Joe’s and Jane’s…


What they admitted was:


1. Unemployment will GROW in the period from 2011 to 2013

     (Big freaking news) – not that is is low now…after all money stolen from sedated American public “We Are The Screwed People” get it up the arses again.


2. GDP will shrink 0.5-1%

Hey hey hey – a little more shrinkage and Lady Liberty will ask- “Is it IN?”


3. Inflation (Hip hip hurray! – at last they said that word without being followed by “under control”) – will rise.


To finish with tilted table/rigged game I have to say that (as I posted yesterday on DisqusTed) – I closed entire long position this morning and sitting flat on cash.

Not that I think that market will go down – it actually might go up, I just don’t want to be the part of wB.


Hell with market for now – today is the day to remember


George Carlin


yes – 3 years to day since he DIED (f..k “passed away” – I just like him hate this stupid pussyfication of real)– the most brilliant comedian who was able to say the truth as it is…

Rest in Peace George

(Following video is not suitable for children under 2 years of age – after that – those children will have to give GC a head start)

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