Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not caring – feeling GOOD!

"Did you ever notice how difficult it is to argue with someone who is not obsessed with being right?"

Dr Wayne Dyer



If you ask me – this is the only way to make it day to day in this pathetic enterprise called "Free US Equities Markets" – everyone knows now it worth nothing, it means nothing and it continue to exist with the sole purpose of playing governments of Creditor Nations for the fools ( How stupid they really are to expect that US debt will ever be repaid or be worth anything more than a paper it printed on?)

May be there is yet another reason for markets still to be open – casino manager also known as "portfolio managers" (or for people who understands - "People worse than Car Sales Folks") – have to get paid… so they became self sufficient and keep playing the game pass the graveyard…


It feels so really good to be completely disconnected from what is going on, I don't even feel sadness for the country I called home for the most of my adult life…screw that


Ubi panis ibi patria

Although "bread" is getting very hard to come by, that what happens in every empire right before it implode…slaves from mass media call it "get ready for different times"


Speaking of market – I might just try to take yet another trade, short this time – by the end of the week – I think overall we will keep climbing up, but short term going into end of January – beginning of February there is a good chance for SPX to see 1200. 

Trade well…



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