Thursday, January 06, 2011

A-B-C's of all mighty Dollar

This is that wonderful time of the year again and I am not talking about Holidays, but damn FLU SEASON – and if there is anything I would never miss – these are 2 things bad fight and good flu.  My head is spinning and that is probably why I cannot make too much sense out of market action lately (at least now I can blame flu for that)


And, I think that is mostly because Dollar is in corrective A-B-C on daily and it might move up good 4-5% (But don't expect market to go down – we all witnessed total disconnect of the dollar and a broad market during what we expected to be corrective market moves down during currency run ups.


OK, here is 2 variant of the same daily UUP chart, I am off to buy more Teraflu and I am making a mental note not to forget to pee before I go to bed…

2011-01-06_1847 2011-01-06_1847_001

"Linearity of these waves is nothing short of amazing, same straight moves since the very beginning of Quantive Easing though Monetary Diarrhea

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