Monday, December 22, 2008

"Giant on the feet of clay"

"The banking system is a monstrous giant on the feet of clay"

"Never in the history of the world have we faced so much complexity combined with incompetence in understanding it properly"

I came to United States from the country where logical thinking in political and economical terms were not permitted, thou it was achieved by brut prohibition rather than by employing CNBC's cheerleaders selling "endless American prosperity" to uneducated blindly patriotic over consuming John Q Public.

Only under these artificially cultivated conditions such things as

"cream pie fight" could appear funny,

leaving lots of food on the plate was as much as a norm as ignoring existence of hungry surrounding world,

killing Wal-Mart employee chasing after flat screen TV was "an incident" rather than CRIME,

producing high school graduates not capable of multiplying 2x2 was "equal opportunities education" (skyrocketing number of potheads dropouts was ignored) rather than inability to maintain proper educational staff as oppose to CLOWNS,

politicians screaming about "illegal Mexican immigrants" and ignoring H1 Visa holders (covered up as "much needed due to lack of American workers in that field" - programming is a good example)

Above list can continue indefinitely, I don't pretend that I "know it all" or "smarter than some", I am not a "smooth talker" (or even "smooth writer"for that matter) and I certainly not a "fighter" anymore.

Why don't we listen from time to time to really smart people and not to worry about their "timing" - their "time" WILL COME if not "has come already"

(word of caution - you will probably have as much trouble understanding their accents as my writing, but it is to your very own benefits not to laugh as we, Americans, were taught to do when travelling to Europe...and... try not to think of "Black Swan" in terms of charts - it is a totally different animal...)


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