Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am in "New York State Of Mind"

Well, to be exact - 'in Holiday state of mind"

I don't do a lot of shopping, my 3 ex wives take good care of it, I just go to New York and spend time going to Carnegie Hall, Metropolitan, meet with old friends, they all look really bad nowadays - most of them worked for now gone or about to be gone companies, yes, I did spend most of my work carrier during "New York Times" (before I moved to Connecticut after 9/11) in financial institutions, sounds just like "mental institutions" today, oh well.

Not being able or willing to decipher intermediate term market direction, I just clip few /ES trades daily and sleep well, except for tonight - I got caught in few long /ES @876.25, went out to smoke and saw it down 20 points - will be fine tomorrow. I will not be actively posting or trading till New Year - I think it is time to enjoy soma cabbage I made during this crazy year...

Enjoy Holidays, if not everything is "alright" in your world - think that "it could be worse" and the way it is going it most certainly WILL get MUCH worse.


Barbra Streisand • New York State Of Mind • [1977]• " Streisand Superman"