Friday, February 22, 2008

Rescue Operation by Plunge Protection Team

What was shaping up to be a breakout to the downside on all major indexes, non stop bleeding right from the market open was "miraculously" and quite "coincidentally" changed by precisely timed CNBC broadcast. Somehow deja vu all over again, I am getting old, but I think I can recall Charlie Gasparino doing similar stunt before, well may be I am wrong...
Today's action screwed longs and shorts altogether and there was no way to avoid it ( Although it is easy to say after the fact: "I did see it coming based on woo-doo and such").
Hmm.. I think I saw "That" coming.
Anyhow, since "Members Site" is partially open for free preview week and recent trading ideas have been updated, you are welcome to "click The Free Preview" button on
Enjoy and have a good weekend, truly I will sleep better after today's Rescue Operation by Plunge Protection Team.
Just remember - market CAN NOT BE MANUPULATED long term.