Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ready to Make Money?

I have exciting news to share with you. Many of you who are regulars here at Trading To Win site are familiar with Brandt A.K.A. BullTrapper from Trade-Guild and you know we've had a close working relation for the past year and half. Recently we've been working even more closely on proprietary indicators and trade signals. We have some very encouraging results and as we are both professional full time traders (in the sense we trade for our living), we've been trading these signals and indicators blended with conventional Technical Analysis as well as Fundamental research, again, the results have been very encouraging.

Over the last two years Trading to Win. have been a free resource to tens of thousands of readers. Over the coming months, you'll be noticing some very exciting changes at both Trading to Win and Trade-Guild. The biggest shakeup will be an extension of the cooperation and the close friendship that David and I have formed over the last 2 years. Trade Guild and Trading-to-Win will work even more closely than ever before as our two sites form an affiliation to become a premier source of free content for serious traders and investors. You'll be seeing more technical concepts, more market commentary, more posts and more videos. We will be trying to expand and share the concepts that we use everyday as we trade for our living. We both agree that in giving, you receive and in sharing, you learn. We hope that you will come back more often and get involved with both sites. We offer a real-time, free Tagboard for you to share and learn from other traders and investors and there are numerous concepts and trading ideas already available through our resources and archives.

Our most exciting initiative will be the launch of our new premium Members Only site. While we expand upon the free content available at both sites, we will also be launching this new site in which we will be sharing our "Real-Time" trading ideas. This is not a newsletter or a stock-picking service, this is really more like a journal of our shared ideas that we trade everyday for our living. The ideas that will be available are largely a result of our cooperation together. Some ideas will be a result of our consensus and some will be individual plays that each of us are looking to get involved in. Ideas will be posted at regular intervals and in real-time (via an instant messages, email service or desktop sharing sessions) throughout the trading day as the market develops.

Think about it, you are really getting "two sites for the price of one". You are getting content from two professional traders, that means more ideas, more posts, a broader perspective and more involvement in the real-time communications. It really is like subscribing to two services, but only paying for one. And in many instances, the ideas you see, will be the ideas that both of us might be trading. We're not really doing anything different than what we do everyday in preparation for the next trading day, we're just letting you in on it and trying to give you more attention when you really need it.

If you've been trading the last 3 or 4 months, you know that the market can and has turned on a dime during the trading day. End of day or once a week subscriber services cannot give you the real time edge that you need to navigate this extraordinarily difficult market environment. The fee structure and subscription period will be announced shortly. We will also give you a free test drive so you can get a feel for the extent and quality of the ideas available. We will still be posting market commentary and general ideas on the free sites, we have no intention of robbing anyone of the value inherent in the current structure.

So you may be asking, "If your ideas are so great, why do you need to start a premium, fee-based service?" Good question! That's always the question I have when someone is selling something market related. Here's our answer as best as we can provide it- first of all, it's "Synergy", any business tries to capitalize on synergistic relationships and we are no different. We put A LOT of hours every night in research and in addition, maintain free websites which also take a lot of time and believe it or not, expense. While we are certainly generous, we also have to pay the bills like anyone else. Not to mention that that is attention we take from our wives  - and it cost money too 

Secondly, we're not claiming to have "the best ideas" out there – none has. We think they're good ideas, we commit our own money to them everyday and depend on them to pay our bills. So we are not putting anything out there that we are not willing to get involved in ourselves. Like any good General, we are on the frontlines with you. Trading is not always the easiest way to make a living. The market is tricky and each of us has our off-days, weeks and months. As we are doing the research anyway, if we can make a little something on the side as well, then all the better. We think you too can utilize these ideas and we'll be there for you as much as we can during it all. Sometimes it is good to have someone to bounce an idea off of. Anyone who wants to get involved on the free Tagboards at Trade-Guild can do just that every day and night. For those of you who are dependent on the market, our premium site will give you a much quicker response, many times in real-time.

We are both looking forward to see how the communities on the Tagboard Trade-Guild develop as more and more serious traders and investors will gravitate toward the resources and content we offer for free. We also hope that you will give new premium Members Only site serious consideration and try it out free for a week.
Thanks for stopping by.
Brandt Trade-Guild