Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"They" call it "profit taking"?..

How about "selling before September gone too far with FEDs meeting coming up and warning season upon us aided by "worse then expected" earnings.. What was that?.. Looks like "party during the plague" is coming to an end? But don't worry - on a long run stocks always go up, except for those which never ever do after they fall. Enough mumbling - are here new lists - and PLEASE - scrap prior ones ( unless you still at the profit ).

for short positions - look for the open, short into the strenth,
for long - take you time - you'll get your chance till the end of this week.

Long: NHWK, FXEN ( Polish cos. - long shot ), BUF, ATHR (?),LMNX ( my favorite -18.67?), AXTI, AMRN, DPM (right - gaz, oil is out of favor ), GIGM ( for risk takers), ILE, IRBT, MTEX, OLED (?), ZZ, MED (8.96 for quick pop), NMTI ( on pullback)

Short: GPRO, GEL, HWAY, OPLK, RGA, CHAP, CRS, CX, FLR, HAL, GSF, ISIL, MSTR and CTSH ( puts may be the way to go ), RIMM (?), TFSM (?)