Sunday, September 24, 2006

More of the same? ( Mon&Tue)

That was an interesting attempt to put some kind of reversal on Friday, it failed, but some stocks stamped hammer-like formations, honestly I don't think of any positive significance to take it seriously at least for Monday/Tuesday. So whichever short positions are working - I'd stay the course, if you were lucky to have long positions working for you - I'd put those on "future long list" even if they will sell off tomorrow.
Some ideas for next week:
Long: COLY BUF OO JRT GAP KNOL ( Trade Gild's past favorite - something is cooking with it, I think on a long side, but that stock diluted me in the past, so - be careful)


Someone asked me about when to buy/sell short, right away after I post it or wait for a reasonable entry point.
Here is my understanding of my own ways of saying "long" or "short" - these are picks which I think should have some potential to go in direction indicated, in most cases - not right away - I try to stay away from "all aboard" kind of stocks - I don't have time/desire to watch monitor 24/7. When I think "long" I'd look for reasonable entry price ( not a nuclear fall of price ) - some discount, I don't chase the stock - been there - lost SOME.. :).

If I think the stock I'm watching provides good entry point due to some event (news, up/down grade I'd try to post intraday alert, if it does not change my perception on direction of that stock.

I'm intentionally not telling you what stocks I'm trading (My decisions shall not affect yours), but they are among the ones I post on the blog.
You are welcome to ask my opinion on position you opened based on ideas presented on this blog, if you do - I'll follow up upon analyzing current situation with the stock of your interest, otherwise - I will NOT post "XYZ is no longer a short" or "ABC is no longer a long" - you have to ask, I don't keep track of stocks I don't have position in.