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Any post from anyone not actively participating in day to day discussion at Trading to Win (and that involves answering questions, throwing ideas, sharing knowledge), but rather stopping by once a day for sole purpose of promoting their own sites (especially involving intensive cross posting at multiple sites) will be DELETED first time around. Repeated attempts will lead to complete ban. If you believe that your site might be of interest to regulars of "other blogs" - anyone interested is free to click on your Disqus handle and follow it to your site. Furthermore, links in blogroll of THIS site are posted not because similar link was posted at "other site", but because people of this blog find it interesting and it is done at our sole discretion.

ANY LINK TO A DIFFERENT SITE (excluding links to uploaded charts) WHICH WILL REPLACE CONTENT OF THE CURRENT WINDOW with your personal site WILL BE DELETED
(Use 'target="_blank"', below is an example of acceptable HTML for links

Just copy line below and replace with your URL and text before pasting into Disqus message window

<a href="" target="_blank">Your link name</a>

There's something called Postel's Law (also known as the robustness principle) that is meant to apply to the development of communication protocols:
"Be conservative in what you do; be liberal in what you accept from others."
The wisdom of this extends beyond the protocols themselves into how people need to behave in the digital realm where there are no vocal or visual clues as to the intent of a person if they wish to maintain civil discourse.
Please respect others in the forums and their positions even when you disagree with them. Don't engage in personal attacks. If they continue, we will have to start deleting posts, locking topics or even banning people from the forums.
Please re-read a post if you are offended. Think about the different possible meanings of what was written. Think about the possibility that you are imposing emotions or intent to a post that aren't actually there. There may very well be other interpretations without the negative connotations that originally came to mind. If you still find the post offensive, repeat the exercise. If you still can't come up with a benign interpretation ignore the post and do not respond.

Please think of the comments as a conversation between individuals and interact with civility.
We will edit/delete spam comments, duplicate comments, unsupported accusations, personal attacks of any kind, and terms offensive to groups when used in a pejorative manner.
In addition, we reserve the right to edit/delete comments that are some combination of pointlessly vulgar, vile, cruel, without redeeming qualities, and an embarrassment to the site.
Subjective? Yes, but we know them when we see them and so do you.
We also ask that you not post comments under multiple names, and it is grounds for immediate banning to comment under someone else's name.
We will also ban repeat or particularly egregious offenders.
Please do not post phone numbers or email addresses in the body of your comment - you cannot assume the good intentions of everyone who reads them.
And please do not post URLs — which may be long and skew the page or the comment sidebar — but make the URL an actual HTML link.
Thanks for your help and understanding.
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