Friday, May 10, 2019

The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Like most of you was riding complicit wave up, that was quite boring indeed, but things are finally changing. 10 years old bull market is most likely coming to an end - it just does not know it yet.
I went short on new high that had no real volume, no follow through, keep adding to puts positions during volatility crashes (speculative cheap OOM puts 3-6 months out) and started to build SPXU position from 28 handle. Looking for possible SPX drop to around 2700 range

Another idea I am watching is long gold (you know - I looooove gooold, though I have not touched it in either direction for a while now). And stop is nicely defined of it does not go my way. But...not opening this trade just yet...

P.S. May 30, 2019 Pulled the trigger od big GLD long position @121.10 as well as some /gc long

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