Thursday, August 07, 2014

It is all Russia’s fault now

And playbook never changes – first we have economic collapse, then we need to find external enemy to blame – details change, but storyline never does.


Nevertheless it is quite amusing how USsA/EU expect Russia to just roll over and take all the “punishment” failed world’s economies place on it??? WEALLY???


And – as expected – ECB’s [Pinocchio] Draghi gauges Russian risks to EU recovery


FRANKFURT— European Central Bank President Mario Draghi Thursday said it is too early to judge whether Russia’s sanctions on European Union exports will have a significant impact on the euro zone’s modest economic recovery.

However, he indicated that unless there is an escalation in the exchange of sanctions between the bloc and the Kremlin, the recovery is likely to continue.

“It is hard to assess this impact at the beginning of the crisis,” Draghi said in a news conference after the central bank’s decision to leave its interest rates unchanged. “Looking at the figures for trade and financial flows, by and large they reveal a picture of very limited interconnections.”

History lesson for ignorant:

How were trade sanctions against Japan the reason for starting World War 2 against the US?

These actions forced what Stimpson wrote in his diary as the actions he hoped for to force the Japanese to take the first shot. The Japanese did take action on December 7th by attacking the US base at Pearl Harbor and against the Philippines.

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