Monday, March 10, 2014

Stopped out by 5 points trailing stop

But will reshort again a little higher – that doji is too tempting. Trading around trading around with TDRL penetration as my “throw the towel again” reference level. Unfortunately 2 days TDRL is quite above 1900 level that is why I am so cautious and not taking big bets and closing out faster than normally would.






Looking at coffee futures and recall me saying on Slope Of Schlopes  site when it was around 115 that “it is has bottomed, but with this volume I am not a game” … well, I wish I made money instead of just been right … when will I be right on the market? I truy expected mid January to be a significant top, still looking at current move up as “overthrow”, but getting increasingly puzzled every day … who knows – may be idiocy of Cramers of this world is the new wisdom … “where else would you put money now if not in stocks” … no valuation mentioned – and it is a way it is in new Aby Normal – who cares … those are tulips, they grow … still!

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