Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It is just like I’ve never left…

Just amazing what a difference … NOT … two weeks might make, I feel like I stepped into the same water in the land of phantasy…


The only trade I have on right now is automatically opened long /CL position off that magic upper trendline of my favorite long term triangle (helped to spot breakout back in June 2013 and strong bounce on Nov 15th 2013.


Still in the vacation mode, hands still bleeding from tying the knots on my buddy’s yacht and still trying to reach out to my lady friend who accompanied me on my trip (she is a real doll, 23 years younger then I and a really good friend…yes that IS possible between old burnout like myself and someone who played in few Broadway musicals) – stay tuned





P.S. Starting to look through the charts and so far is feels like my point of view of January 15th 2014 being a major top might just prove to be correct

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