Monday, December 23, 2013

$GLD $YG $GC A.K.A. Goooold!!!!


On December 4th ( in $GLD $SLV $GC $SI $SPY $SPX $ES) I wrote:

Gold – off TDST + channel + TDSetupBuy – perfect.

If you did not go long yesterday – it is in no trade land now – it might go up a little (1280 is not out of the question), but it might as well go down … less likely for now


As of today it looks like my “grey area” is remaining a plausible target and I will be watching like a hawk for strong bounce if lower side of rectangle will be reached.




After wasting close to two weeks soaking under the non stop rains in Rio I cannot wait for high probability/profitability swing setups to reveal themselves.

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