Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Enjoyed while it lasted?

You'd better. Because what I think is about to happen - on a bigger magnitude - within the next two months - we will start corrective wave down - quite possible when I look at monthly SPX chart.



Based on Daily chart we might start short term correction about now





Weekly is entertaining as well


And for you Apploid_Shizoids - APPL has way to go to around 380 area, sorry DeMark - your prediction of 440 and "may be as early as today will go up" did not work out ... for about 2 months now?


2013-03-06_1858_001 2013-03-06_1859 2013-03-06_1858



P.S. After posting I went to see how it looks on what used to be a refuge place for many great sane minds (one might say - "insane" - we believed in doctrine of partially free market once) - and what I saw almost made me cry ... well, almost ... cry...

SO great to see that some of you are still around, still brave enough to hope - because we DO hope WHILE we criticize, but all is lost when we are indifferent.

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