Friday, December 30, 2011




What a year that was … or should I say “ what a year it was not”?


For me it was a year when I took hiatus from the active trading, revalued a lot of things I previously thought were important, started new business ( turned out to be a lot of fun, but not enough money), forgot that I had website to take care of and a lot of other things I really wanted to do, but kept postponing … like learning to fly a plane…yeah – I do have my Bucket’s List already.


For the Miss Market – she just ended flat on her back in missionary position – for someone who did not day trade in 2011 (I did NOT ) – it sure looks boring as hell.



Even though I have not been actively trading and posting on blog, I did manage to make some money by going long on the dollar and dumping all my precious metals holdings ( I sure am happy watching silver now ) based on monthly TDSequential BUY back in June 2011 for /DX



I don’t normally make New Year resolutions, but I think I might get more active with trading in 2012 – see you then!



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