Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Ain’t that a Biatch!

Lets take a broad look … well … speaking of broads – I am really concerned with magnification of American Women – huge piles of redundant protoplasm wondering around shopping and eating … no Viagra will fix it for me [ Thank you George Carlin] and to talk about something a little more pleasant – here is a monthly chart of SPX.

Cute Ab-cd on wave B up monthly, don’t you think so?


Amazing that we just might be in huge C down wave (A.K.A. “P3” AKA “Pee On the Tree” – local joke indeed – hope that guy still collects money from idiots subs – he can definitely NOT make any cabbage trading himself )



Oh boy … going down on 9, sadly famous ‘9‘ combined with Combo ‘13’ – don’t you all hate that number? Unless you bet on pass line or just accidentally survived bear … which I am both and I am feeling good since April! And I am certainly not going placing any long trades unless we break April 2011 highs!




Definitely not day trading, but position trades do work – hourly is looking gooood!




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