Monday, September 19, 2011

Forget indexes … or waking up to an individual stock trade ( AAPL )

My comatose state of mind while market is searching for direction after completion of full 1-5 A-C wave was interrupted by today’s Brandt’s post … something about shorting some POS stock … I think name was some fruit “Peach”?  “Shnaple”? “apple”?


“Forrest Gump went to his mailbox and opened a letter. In the narration voiced by Tom Hanks, Forrest states that Lt. Dan invested in “some fruit company” and that he didn’t have to worry about money anymore. Forrest says “Well that’s good. One less thing to worry about.”



(AAPL) that was – and, quite interestingly Brandt’s observations were quite in line with what DeMark-ian woo-doo tells us – TD Setup Sell 9 on daily.




But, of course that was not the only reason why I grabbed few long (AAPL) puts – take a look at (QQQ) daily and tell me if it is not looking like huge rounding top – could we get so lucky and jump in on the short side of tech heavy NASDAQ for wave C down?




As it was mentioned on DISQUS (YES – I AM watching you kids!) DeMark was working quite admirably as of late – let see if it lives up to its reputation now!

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