Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Looking for new beginning

Daily TDWave finally completed on August 5th 2011, fell off the cliff with TDSetup Sell 9 on August 9th and now dancing on TDST trying to bounce …trying … trying ….

I will let it dance without my money in it – for now.




weekly looks quite amazing – it might be the beginning of long awaited and ridiculed P3 – AKA – TDWave 5 down impulsive (then – and it fits – 3 wave up within wave 4 fit in the picture according to Garp… errr DeMark-ian woo-doo




it might be a beginning of new bull market AKA wave 5 up, BUT… BUTBUTBUT…. – dream on – I think we are working off really oversold conditions (I don’t care about “oversold” standalone, but again – it fits the wave here ) and we will continue on our marry way down the slippery slope



And of course rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated – I just feel that countless efforts of the authors of this blog were mostly wasted or ridiculed by outsiders and human nature of blog visitors (most, but not all visitors – there is a core of old timers here who know that there is no better place to really talk about trade and sometime life – without 16 years old wonnabies running amok among us or 40 years old who want to be 16 )


But this is life and we are born and we die – that is applicable to blog too …. may be it would be better if I would be making up trades when there is none and posting pics of naked babes or orangutanishly looking grotesque of a man … Fabio-my-… you know… from “I can believe it is not butter … as well as anything edible – this stuff is made from real .. shit”



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