Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Long and … not so strong…just for a bounce

Chart of the day (and of my life indeed) SPX…

Worked as speculated – bounced off TDST Support ( yellow arrow ), after printing wA (green arrow), and off some kind of wonderful …median line (red arrow ).


I am [was] an action junkie (although during the last year I learned to appreciate “Less is more” and I do not trade as often as before ( I noticed that at the certain point I started to trade just for the adrenaline rush … and paid the price…we all can preach “tried and true trading commandments” – but we all live people with emotions that sometimes are hard to control.)



I will keep my finger on “close long position” button while looking for possible short entry on the beginning of wave wC…


On a sad note – one of the few balanced (as reporter) and highly educated CNBS anchors died – rest in peace Mark Haines – a lot of people will miss you.

Why it is always the good ones that go first…



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