Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some trading ideas I look into

All of the ideas I can force myself to look into on a long side now are for day trades or quick overnight shots:
for today long watch those are: (GAIA), (KNDL), (MEH), (PTMK),(WMGI)
All (most) of the above are low volume stocks, so I will ( IF) put really small positions, just to keep myself in touch with the market, I don't want to stay away right now and don't want to commit too much capital, I think market is not done going down ( not even close to that), but short term I am taking no part in the rat race.

At the same time, I will be gradually building (SKF) (inverse financial ETF ) position on every bounce in financial stocks.

I am watching big insurance companies, in spite common belief that those are well positioned to make money ( by grabbing AAA rated papers for "nothing" ) - I think at the certain point they might roll over as well.