Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"With a little bit of luck..."

What makes a winner? Hard work, homework, persistence, ability to stay in the game after damaging losses, ability to listen to other people and been capable of making own decisions.
Gift? Do we have to be born with a gift of been a good trader?
I think, may be, up to some extent, but most of all - we need to learn ourselves and the market, every single day learn something from the market, about market.

It is difficult market now, a lot of traders ask the same question: "How come everyone is taking profits and I am cutting losses?" Well, I think - a LOT of traders are cutting losses lately, jumping in and out of positions - it is a difficult, unstable market.
At least it was for me - most of April and beginning of May -
my portfolio is only up about 15% from April 1st

We will get there, we will - with a little bit of luck ( I hope you do recall Mr. Dolittle from original "My Fair Lady")